Meet Colt, The Service Dog Who Keeps His Owner Safe During Seizures


Where would we be without our best friends?

In times of strife, they are there for us to pick up the pieces and build us back up again. Similarly, when we get a little too big for out boots, our best friends will be the first ones to point out that fact and suggest, in the bluntest possible way, that we snap out of it.

Though relationships might begin and end, seasons will come and go, a true best friend is ever present in the same way as a family member.

You have probably heard it said that dogs are man’s best friend, but this soundbite would seem to do our canine colleagues a disservice. Increasingly, we rely on dogs not only for companionship, but also to help us with essential tasks. These include police dogs, guide dogs, and other service dogs who provide care and aid for a wide range of disabilities and mental illnesses.

Colt is one such service dog. He provides extraordinary assistance to his owner, who suffers from a pretty traumatic condition.


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